Parents, Educators – all of us who believe in the future of America and a strong public educational system that unites the nation– have not organized around leaders who have the information and knowledge generated by experience that is necessary to counter the destruction of our schools. Teachers are too isolated, some say too independent, to unite around leaders and work for children and the greater good. If that is true the American Dream is doomed.

Perhaps the most effective educational leader of our time is Diane Ravitch ( Her book that is a must read : The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education, will help join educators through common understanding. In addition, Diane blogs about current issues that we must be aware of. Agree or disagree with experienced leaders, but be aware of the forces tearing our schools apart at this time

As with all effective leaders, Ravitch’s base is experience and decades of work in education. We know a lot about her and her thinking because she has written and spoken and shared her insights. There are many who present themselves as experienced educators who do not have the depth of experience to make good decisions, have not identified the root problems, and who have kooky solutions. Think of self-appointed, failed “leaders” like Rhee, Klein, Bush, Koch, Bloomberg, Emanuel, Duncan, Alverez & Marsal, and dozens of other ideologues who do not base their “reforms” on experience or facts. These terribly wrong and ego-directed, or greed directed nuts exist because educators and parents have not chosen their leadership and positions.

Those whom we follow – those who can help us focus and unite behind what is needed for children and our nation – are ready to lead us out of this morass. They will if we follow their leadership and let our leaders (Obama) know the direction America needs to go.

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