The foundation principles that define America are eroding from within. We all know about the failure of too many Americans to understand their history and the workings of the democratic process. Too many children and adults who have come through our educational system do not understand the role of a responsible citizen. They were not taught how local, state and national governments work. Only a frighteningly small fraction of the populace participates in local, state, and federal elections and the democratic process. As a result, any well-organized minority that turns out voters, by whatever means, has the opportunity to control elections and hijack education.

The ideologues, and the corporations who want access to our education tax dollars – who want us to pay our taxes directly to them, own many of our state legislators. (Google ALEC)  Ideologues want access to the minds of children. Corporations what access to our tax dollars, for profit, not for kids.

Excerpts taken from: Vital Lies: The Irrelevance Of Our Schools In The Information AgeWritten as a format for national discussion.