IT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT that America is One Nation with a common language, shared American culture and values, and an educational system that made certain children in every state received a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, fact-based education based on specific curriculum for every discipline.

IT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT that all students were, until recently, educated in a similar way. It didn’t just happen that students were exposed to reading, arithmetic (math), writing, social studies, the sciences, civics and government, PE, health, and the arts. These foundation programs were put in place across America and formed our educational system. As a result, educators played THE major role in creating a functioning United States of America. That concept of the purpose for public education is now under attack as the public educational system is being dismantled.

UNTIL JUST RECENTLY, our public schools provided the foundation learning necessary for people to engage and participate in our economic and cultural systems. Although there were problems, the ideal was that no child could be denied a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, fact-based education. No cultural or language group could go their own way and not participate. States had Constitutional responsibilities to run the schools, and they all agreed that One Nation could not be built with myriads of different cultures. In many areas of the country people who believed that their particular language, culture, or religion should dominate, were overruled. Their children went to public schools where the American culture was dominant. Some extremist minority groups and religions have never accepted that their ideology is not right for everyone else. They are taking control of states, and they are doing unbelievable damage to kids and to America.

GET AN OVERVIEW OF AMERICAN EDUCATION TODAY. Across this great nation: Chaos and conflict, experiments and greed-driven takeovers, elimination of essential curriculum, and minority religious groups accessing public tax dollars to inculcate their particular bias. Rape-rip-and-run opportunists are not held responsible for what they do to children. Ugly is too mild a word to describe what is being done to America and several generations of our children.

ON OBAMA’S WATCH, hundreds of thousands of children are being deprived of their access to the American Dream. The USDOE sides with profiteers and ideologues even though there is no evidence that these experiments work or that all this disruption and stupidity helps children or keeps American One Nation. The important concept that public education must be based on comprehensive, interdisciplinary, fact-based, curriculum had been deleted as a requirement. The fact that an essentially effective American education system can evolve and meet the needs of America’s future, has been ignored, lied about, and taken off the table.

OBAMA DID NOT START THIS INSANITY. Right-wing and Bush-era nuts got power and began the destruction of our public education system, and ultimately our country if this nonsense is not stopped. The tragedy is that Obama is still carrying out the unproven and very evil stupidity of the past administration.

History will record how Obama restored the system that unites Americans or, tragically, the record of these times will focus on the terrible damage done to hundreds of thousands of America’s kids, and educators, and to the American Dream.

More info?  – Vital Lies: The Irrelevance Of Our Schools In The Information AgeWritten as a format for national discussion.