Part I:  Defining the forces

There are now many millions of citizens in the US who focus on others, are empathetic, give time, energy and love to others, and represent the most sacred ideals of beings. These highly evolved humans populate our medical fields, our schools, and service organizations. They are now one of the largest “minorities” in American. For the first time in the history of humankind, we have a society where preserving the dignity of others preserves our own. Where individuals wake each day thinking of others and planning their nurturing – teaching – nursing – service activities. Where their lives are enriched by love of other people, living things, and concerns for the planet and the future. It is difficult to find a teacher or a nurse  who is not a highly evolved, empathetic, mostly selfless human being.

Contrast the amazing social and cultural changes that are taking place, with the exact opposite. The Corporation Culture and the leaders it creates and rewards. Many corporations have evolved beyond what they produce or how they manage assets. Their sole purpose it to generate funds for the CEO’s personal remuneration and stockholders. These corporations seek out and place individuals as managers who will generate profits without concern for the other human beings, the country, or laws – if they can go around them. They could care less about preserving pension funds, employee’s rights, company potential, or anything that gets in the way of their feeding. They seldom create, they kill initiative and erode the health of our country.

Some describe these corporate creatures as Extreme Type A personalities. Most are amoral narcissists who will do anything they can get away with to increase their self-image and power. We know these types from history. They destroy all opposition, they create wars and other horrors regardless of the human cost. They have no guilt, no concept of others rights. Everything in their view is fair game if they can exploit it and profit from it. These are the monsters who almost destroyed the American Dream for the rest of us as they manipulated banking, mortgages, investment, and government. These creatures, hiding under corporate veils, are not held accountable for the suffering and ruin they cause. They take their obscene profits and turn their attention to other fields ripe for harvesting. Noting that the public pays billions in taxes, and that taxes are set aside for specific use by governments, they moved to control state governments and bolster their footholds in our national government. In fields like education, these monsters found that they could access part of the $500 billion education tax dollars we citizens pay for our schools. That should explain what is happening to public education. Let’s look…

Tomorrow, in Part II, I’ll write about how they have accessed tax dollars, and the damage to children and America this is causing.