Under the banner of organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, and economic development organizations, which read, “Working To Support Business And Free Enterprise,” corporate CEOs are able to merge with, cajole and coerce our elected officials and the public into believing they are a positive force. If this were true, theirs would be a bipartisan effort. Behind these corporate managers are boards of directors that hire them and expect them to generate profits whatever the cost. In return, these corrupt boards pay their CEOs salaries that are obscene. I assume that the higher the salary, the more totally contemptible the CEO.  The subversives have the wealth of AT&T, major power companies, fanatics like the Koch Brothers, and in the recent past, Coke, Pepsi, Kraft, Intuit, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Arizona Public Service … find the list of those subverting the democratic process in your state.

The corporate raiders align themselves in seamless ways with our elected government. David Frizzell, the current ALEC chairman is also an elected Indiana state representative. To understand how deep this rot goes in the Republican Party, know that John Boehner, is a past chair. In some states, it is almost impossible to get nominated for a legislative office without the support and approval of the corporations. In too many states a majority of Republican representatives are, or are owned by, corporate forces.

Public education is a major takeover target of ALEC-legislators. That is where the biggest pool of tax dollars is most exposed, and ALEC is focused. Due to the fantasies and the stupidity of their father, Fred Koch, who saw commies behind every oil rig in Texas, one of ALEC’s main takeover priorities is public education. Uncounted dollars of Koch money have gone to support the takeover of America’s public education system – the privatizing of education. The unrelenting attacks on schools and teachers are orchestrated by corporate CEOs as elected representatives or heads of committees. The advent of new technology and so-called ‘distance’ learning, supported by Jeb Bush (what a surprise) is being used to undermine Whole Education and curriculum-based school programs. In exchange, corporations are given access to the tax dollars we pay to support our schools. As these rats are the ones guarding our democratic process and accountability, anything goes if it results in high profits for corporate raiders. If there is opposition to these schools which are not schools at all,  ALEC legislators lower the accountability standards for the “schools” they put into place. They have that kind of gall and power and contempt for children.

What teachers and parents need to know about these corporate takeovers is that children and their needs, the teaching profession, teacher representation, quality interdisciplinary comprehensive educational programs for every child, and America’s future are of no concern. None whatsoever. The fact that you have five years of university education, a BA, MA or Ph.D and proven competence means to them that you are too expensive and that you should be replaced by anyone, certified or not, who will work for less.

It is hard for those who love and have empathy to imagine any humans who would sell out children and America for ego and personal profit. It is hard for good people not to be swayed by corporate and legislative PR that grinds out lies and misinformation. As the teaching profession and parents wake up to what is happening to children and the profession, they can organize, research, and expose the bought politicians and their corporate masters and clean up representative democracy so that America will remain strong.