The key to understanding how human beings will adapt to our future relationship with Machine Intelligence can be found in one word, collaboration.

The key that will open doors in our educational systems, leading to changes that prepare students to work with, and not be the victim of, machine intelligence is also collaboration.

The concept that human beings must learn how to work with, and not for, this new superior intelligence is just beginning to be understood.

The concept that human beings must change the dominant education model from one of competition to collaboration is beginning to be implemented in exceptional schools. In summary, in past blogs, I have communicated to friends, educators and parents about the limitations of competitive systems and the damage they do to human beings. In the last few months, as the explosion of new insights into how Machine Intelligence will change or destroy our species, new information has resulted in a conviction that we must change our educational approaches to collaborative models so that our species can go forward and survive in the future.