When I was young and trying to figure out my relationship with God, I became aware that the stories I was told were not actually the words of God. They were really the words of a few creepy perverted men; men who created God in their own image. I learned that the male God they created was threatened by female energy. I had imagined a God of love who was neither male or female but according to male-dominated history, I was wrong. “Our Father who art in heaven…” is stamped on our brains.

Who were these unethical men who created God in their image? How did their warped viewpoints create a male God that made females inferior? Were these men normal and healthy members of their communities or were they bitter flaccid men who had figured out ways to extract their livings from their community so they didn’t have to. dirty their hands? Why were women past childbearing age, who questioned their authority, drowned, burned, or stoned to death? It was because they threatened the power of male religious leaders so they labeled them witches and had them killed.

Lilith, so the tale goes, was first created as the wife of Adam. In that early version, Lilith is an equal partner of Adam. The threatened men soon became aware that they had created a powerful, coequal female. This was against their vision of male superiority, so they had to invent stories that made Lilith into a monster. Then they created a new story where a female named Eve was created from the body of Adam. Therefore, and for thousands of years thereafter, women have been subject to the will of men in the eyes of a male god that doesn’t exist.

I believe the force we call God is neither male nor female.

My proof: Love is neither male nor female.