In November many Americans will go to the polls and vote for Republicans or Democrats. That sounds simple enough, but it ain’t that simple. I have been searching unsuccessfully to find the Republican platform for the upcoming election. I fear that Republicans don’t feel they need a platform.

At the same time, I am frustrated by the fact that the Democratic party’s platforms only partially address the issues I am most concerned about. What are these issues?

Let’s start with what may be the most significant issue. What will the Biden administration do to counteract the capture of the Supreme Court by well-organized and well-financed groups who fully intend, and have already had amazing success, in subverting our system of government?

By hook and by crook, religious zealots like Leonard Leo are able to influence the appointment of justices aligned with their thinking resulting in an ability to cherry pick the cases put before the Court. They use precedents and make up facts that have little to do with the Constitution. They have done damage to our country so severe that until their rulings are reversed the Rule Of Law does not prevail.

Leo and organizations connected with the Federalist Society, have enabled billionaires to influence and sometimes bribe justices when they have business before the Court. They have succeeded in making a mockery of our justice system.

The passage of Citizens United allowed Dark Money to flow into the political system. Now, corporations which exist on paper and are corporate veils that shield the humans who run them, are guaranteed the same rights as individual citizens. As a result, billionaires and people with special interests before the Court can dictate the rulings of the justices and buy politicians to make sure that they represent their interests. At the present time we citizens cannot learn the identities of these corrupt players.

I’m not sure if and how the Democratic Party plans to correct this aberration and evil that is not in America’s best interests. They certainly have had to confront this corruption of the justice system.

I also assume that the Democratic party is aware of the Federalist Society and Leonard Leo and the intellectually misguided religious zealots they have placed on the Supreme Court to carry out a political and religious agenda that does not represent the will of the American people. They have been placed on the court to do away with major parts of the United States Constitution which requires the separation of church and state. They have undermined the protection of individual rights, women’s rights to control their own bodies, voter’s rights, and to stop what they consider to be liberal thinking that is at odds with their extreme libertarian views.

These so-called ‘conservatives’ are doing everything they can to counter the will of the people, by the people, for the people.

Their influence extends beyond the Supreme Court into the state and federal courts to guarantee decisions which intentionally misinterpret the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

There isn’t room in this blog to identify all of the biased and corrupt actions of the Federalist Society, billionaires, and those like Leonard Leo who have proven they can warp the meaning of the Constitution.

In addition to my deep concerns about the judicial system, I am looking to the Democratic party platform to continue to address other significant issues.

The conservative justices on the court have already used their power to alter the Voters Rights Act. Roe v Wade, and Citizens United. The Biden administration is actively working to reinstate the rights of women and the right to vote for all eligible citizens, but why don’t we know what the Democratic plan is to stop Dark Money from polluting our political system? Why isn’t the Democratic Party sharing more information with the American public?

The capture of the Supreme Court has been used to attack environmental protection legislation, the laws and programs designed to protect our planet and people. How has this corruption supported those who extract fossil fuels? How has the capture of the Court slowed the progress of those working to protect us from the effects of global warming? The Biden administration is working against powerful influencers to aggressively challenge these disastrous behaviors that are wreaking havoc on our planet, economic, and response systems. Citizens need to know what is being done.

Are there any SCOTUS rulings that have been made or are pending that affect our public schools?

What is the Democratic party planning to do to bust the power of the filibuster?

Is there anything in the Democratic platform that requires electors to vote for the candidate who receives the most popular votes?

What is the Biden administration doing to regulate corporate entities that have been allowed to rape, rip, and run?

I know that the Democratic Party has been actively working to communicate their initiatives to protect the rights of the American people. Many of the issues I have mentioned have not yet been clearly addressed by the leadership of the Democratic Party.