It is true that humanity is nearing a point where we have poisoned our planet. We have expanded until we are in danger of exhausting our options and now hope science can enhance the chances of our survival. We continue to increase the number of people that need food, clothing, shelter, medical care, meaningful employment and security based upon the rule of law. We Earthlings are teetering on the edge of over breeding which leads to extinction. Is the end near? Do we understand that we have other options?

The American Dream can be revived, but we must understand what has happened and move quickly to correct the weaknesses in our political and economic systems that are being exploited by the few.

We cradle great ideas in our cultural story: By The People… For The People… We The People…, but these ideals cannot stand before the forces of over population, war, disasters, plagues, greed, or violence caused by those seeking power over us. As pointed out in PART II, there are people with great power who will not hesitate to destroy millions, if not billions of lives if they can preserve their status. We are told that none have come up with a sane way to limit and decrease the numbers of people inhabiting this planet and that we will breed ourselves out of the right to live. Do you believe that? Is our nation paralyzed by these viewpoints that cause futility?

We can end the futility caused by inaction and misinformation:
We must stop and decrease population growth. What we know is that societies that educate women and give women control over their bodies end up slowing population growth. As more children survive, birthrates decline. View: Overpopulation – The Human Explosion Explained. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsBT5EQt348&index=9&list=WL. We need to make birth control available and honorable. Religious ideas about releasing souls and increasing the flock by breeding must be countermanded. Women must be empowered.

We must re-unite and create One America. Horace Mann and others saw that to unite Americans into one country there must be universal public schools that socialize and Americanize. These are the primary reasons for public schools, especially on the pre-school and elementary levels, but also through higher education. There is a major effort by so-called reformers to tear America apart by segregation and by pitting races, religions, and regions against one another. One might assume that these actions are based on ignorance – but in light of what happened with the candidates and votes in 2016, it is obvious that this destruction of America is intentional. We must rebuild our public education systems, not for job training, but so that all of our children, wherever they live, learn about America and our customs, ethics, morals and government regulated by the Constitution and the rule of law.

We as a species are on the verge of wiping out not only our fellow man, but the wondrous lifeforms that have equal rights to this Earth. If we maintain a mindset that we as humans have a God-given right to rape, rip and destroy the natural world for our own pleasure, wiping out species and habitats to allow us to overpopulate the Earth, we are doomed to extinction. We need a new philosophy of engagement with the planet. We need to reduce our footprint and live within our environmental means. We need leaders who understand and support an integrated view of all systems. We need to re-establish sustainable models of scale with workable social values.

Religions that teach that god gave us this planet to exploit and use for our benefit must be rejected. We must reject any religion that claims all others are wrong and thus teaches hate for those who think differently.

We must use a government of the people, by the people, for the people to re-balance the massive wealth scraped off the table by the few. The greed of the super wealthy, and their manipulation of our economic and political systems are pushing us toward destruction at breakneck speed. We must rise up and stand together to slow population, reduce consumption, and use natural resources more efficiently. This is a future that saves our planet for our children and all lifeforms.

In Conclusion, this is the way out of our fugue:

Educating and freeing women. Controlling those who practice the rape, rip and run exploitation of our environments. Rejecting the evil of those who gain power to force their wants on those who need. Rejecting those who advocate destroying public education and stealing resources from our children. Evolving our political systems so that Democracy is possible and representatives are required to represent the needs of those who elect them. Evolving our economic system and eliminating the access allowed those who wish only to serve themselves and extract wealth beyond their needs. Finally, we must recover the massive amounts of wealth the few have removed from America (and the planet) and invest it in humankind’s future.