When I was about fourteen, I was given a photo of my maternal grandfather who had died long before I was born. I picked up the photo and stared into my own eyes, like looking into a mirror. Strange energy tingled through me. I still recall that connection. What I learned changed the way I got to know people. As a teacher, I saw my students – connected with them—when our eyes met. Rarely, I looked into black holes; bottomless pits filled with crazy complex chaos that did not return my gaze. Those experiences gave me an insight into energy that was scary and alien and beyond two-way communication. Now, I look into the eyes of our leaders. These are the people who have been placed and positioned to deal with the real problems that face humanity. I want to know if the thinking of these powerful people is driven by a view of humanity that I share.

Who is Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House. Why would he destroy national parks, medical care for all, attack social security? What does he know that I have never learned? Why does he speak to the exact opposite of what I believe? How could a man like this be in the seat of power? I pulled up a photo of Ryan. When I looked into his eyes shivers ran through me. Try it. What do you see behind his eyes as you look into irrationality? I see emptiness, disconnection, madness. I now understand why he intends to circumvent the balance of powers designed into our government – Executive, Legislative and Judicial – and take power over the other branches of government for himself and his masters.

Who is Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader? Google him and find over a hundred headshots to study. Look into his eyes. They change as his mood passes across his face. Sometimes they emit an energy that is so dark it explains his deeds. I can see why he uses the power of roadblocks to stop the We The People mission of our American ideals. I can see that he is a puppet of a darker force. Trying to look into him, I see glimpses of myopic, self-serving games, and deep racial hatred of men like Obama. There is also a false sense of laughter – an attempt to convey that he is just a harmless back country boy.

The big mystery. who is Donald Trump? By his actions, he seems immature, seemingly a five-year old spoiled brat. By his accomplishments, he is able to take power which he wields to manipulate and intimidate and somehow communicate with weak souls. His thinking, words, and actions are often vile, yet there are those enchanted by him. I Googled Donald Trump and came up with over two hundred head shots of him. Most of the time, Trump hides his eyes behind squinted lids. Even so, his eyes communicate great anger and viciousness. In photo after photo his eyes and facial musculature communicate deep hatred and disgust. When I look at photos where his eyes are open, I see madness and inner turmoil. Most of the headshots I studied suggest that Trump is a very dangerous, immature, vindictive creature who has gained great power that he can’t handle, but others like Ryan and McConnell believe they can. He has surrounded himself with people of equal inner confusion and hate.

I hope I am wrong. As I write this in early 2017, I can find no information that I am wrong. The question boils through my brain. How could this happen to the American Dream? The America I taught about and personally contributed to? The American economic system I once believed in?
Are we awake? Let’s see if we missed something in our understanding of who we are.

Between 1939 and 1946 over seventy million people were butchered. Millions of men, women and children. Whole communities. Entire cities were slaughtered. Now tell me, if you were born after the war, how has their loss affected you? All those people are gone. Do you miss them or even feel a void in our humanity?

After Russia lost over twenty-six million souls in WWII, Joseph Stalin killed millions of people because he was revolutionizing agriculture and had to deal with resistance to his plans. Do you feel those dead and their loss? How about the genocide and wars or police actions? What about Korea? Viet Nam? How about Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia…? How about Africa under colonialism and now suffering wars caused by economic exploitation? How about Iraq? And currently, how about what is happening to the Syrian people? If we dare think about it, including Asia and places like Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia, hundreds and hundreds of millions of human beings have been slaughtered for…? Can you justify the reasons?

These are the times we live in. This is happening on our watch. With this history, why does what is happening to America surprise us? One of the very real considerations of those who think according to the assumptions identified in PART I of this blog, is that it will be necessary to kill off or cause the die-off of those who resist their planning.

OK, that sets the scene. Now enter Fred Koch. You know the name because his two sons are continuing his mission. He had ample opportunity to study Stalin. He knew Stalin because he built oil equipment for him. He saw Russia at the recovery stage and understood what Stalin was doing. He profited greatly or “bigly” as little Trump would say. He understood a world where individuals, their dreams, their families, their lives had no value except to those who could profit from their labors. Fred understood how power and the accumulation of great wealth gave the few absolute control.

He helped found the John Birch Society. Don’t be fooled by the current seemingly innocuous names. Then, as today, its mission is to destroy public education, privatize prisons, and stop any form of worker representation. Has his mission succeeded? Many prisons are privatized and run for profit, prisoners be damned. The DeVos-Koch machine is being empowered to destroy public schools and extract profits from taxpayer dollars paid by people believing those taxes go to help children and keep America strong. There are an increasing number of right-to-work states that do everything they can to defeat unions and worker representation. Union membership is very low. It looks like Federal laws will be changed to defeat any form of worker representation under the guise that it is economic terrorism. I’d say Freddy and his boys have succeeded beyond his expectations.

Is it any surprise that the Koch machine has placed Paul Ryan and dozens of others in key positions? How about all of the appointees Trump wants to place as his cabinet and advisors? We have the vote– or do we? We are upset because the majority voted for a candidate who lost because of a fixed and manipulated system. Al Gore fell victim to the same tragedy, and look what GW did to America. Yet those in power did not fix a system that works for them. Too late? Those who have no investment in the American dream have taken over.

Continued in PART III