For my friends who follow my blogs. I apologize.  Over the past year most of my observations and comments have been shifted to Podcasts titled Insights Into Education.

( http://insightsintoeducation.com ). I have teamed with a very accomplished educator with an amazing background. Dan Kenley and I share our experiences and observations and bring on guests to share information about pivotal movements in childrearing. The emphasis, which is directed to parents, has one bottom line:  What is happening for your child?  The 20th Podcast is now available.

We are concerned by observations about what has been labeled Screen Addiction.  We can observe and “know” things, but until we have handles to turn these thoughts and observations in our minds we cannot act effectively to counter negative results or identify the positive effects. A new language is developing to communicate the dangers of using flat screens to babysit, entertain, build communication networks, to teach, and to test.

Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, one of the country’s foremost addiction experts, in his vital works: The Glow Kids, How Screen Addiction Is Hijacking Our Kids, and, The Frightening Effects Of Digital Heroin, has given us handles to identify what parents and educators are observing in their children – and personally. New identifiers (language tools) help focus our concerns. Terms like Glow Kids, Digital Heroin, Screen Time, Dopamine Addiction, Frontal Lobe Retardation (pre-frontal cortex), FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), emotional intelligence, cyberworth, and moral disengagement are now coming into general use.

In our latest series of Podcasts, we are utilizing the research and expertise of Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist) an experienced parent and educator, to give us up-to-date information about screen addiction and how to stop it, treat it, or better still, to keep it from damaging your children and family. Holli also introduces leading researchers in this field.

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A note to listeners.  The United States is far behind China and South Korea in recognizing these serious addiction problems. The treatment models being perfected need to be shared with the World.  For our listeners in Europe, where this Podcast is distributed via Denmark, please share your breakthrough information and we will include it in future Podcasts.