In what some like to call the “real world,” when a product fails those responsible want to know why. They start by diagnosing the problems and addressing solutions based on that information. That approach is proven and effective. As incomprehensible as it seems, in education, fact-adverse, ideological politicians and those wanting access to our education tax dollars, have come up with brilliant solutions to problems they know nothing about. For example: We have all heard their rant that schools are mismanaged because a large percentage of their budget goes to teacher salaries. Duh! Should it be going to medical care? These brilliant uninformed then conclude that anyone can teach, therefore we should replace experienced teachers with beginning teachers because they cost less. Too often, we hear them say that schools are effective without trained and certified professionals, and outdated things like a uniform curriculum and teaching the essential skills. “Anyone can teach,” is the cry of School Choice advocates and Corporations who want access to the $500 Billion taxpayers pay yearly for public schools. Outfits like the Gates Foundation are pouring millions of dollars into charter school creation, not based on a diagnosis of the problems, but on ideological assumptions that are dead wrong. The Obama administration (USDOE) is undermining effective schools by supporting solutions that are not based on correct diagnosis of the problems. This nonsense ends when educators expose the stupidity and educate their communities.

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