Dear family, friends, students,

This is a special day for me because of your gifts. As I struggled to adjust to the Information Age and the amazing Interactive Age, you taught me, stood by me, and stopped giving me those, “Are you ever going to get over this?” looks. The Don Quixote in me, even after 51 years as an educator, saw something other than windmills. I dreamed of education and better ways of teaching. I dreamed of the American Dream, made possible for all, by educators who would design and deliver quality education for every child. With your encouragement I designed and build programs, schools, an educational research center…  you can imagine what I learned. But and however, no matter what we demonstrated, what we proved, what we could share, the system could not – would not – accept new methodologies. Well, that was then.

It just ain’t like that anymore – or rather, schools and education must change because the age of factory workers producing products has passed, and the electronic age demands whole new approaches and systems. Our schools and educators will change now or America will lose its vital energy. I’m not ahead of my times anymore. Like you, I am working hard to keep up.

Years in the making, years researching, writing and crafting, and TODAY, Vital Lies: The Irrelevance Of Our Schools In The Information Age, is ready to share. My dream is that it helps focus a national dialogue about the schools and educators we need for the 21st Century. Download a copy here, and help “social network” it out there, where it can do the most good.