Hundreds of students from major universities are protesting or taking sides for or against Israel and Hamas and many other important issues. Too many have pronounced their undocumented opinions and loudly stated false truths. As they rant and rave and demand actions, they have no clue as to the consequences of their idiocy or how badly their actions reflect on their universities.

Perhaps they saw a photograph or a film clip on TV and didn’t ask where it came from or why the event happened. Perhaps someone stirring up the group gave them false or inadequate information that inflamed them. Perhaps their actions were triggered by hate or religious fervor. But how would they know? They have not learned how to validate information before they throw an emotional tizzy-fit and regurgitate undigested thoughts.

Do we really want students from these major institutions entering the world who are unable or unwilling to deep dive into issues and base their actions on facts from primary sources. Is it possible to hold off their graduation until they meet a higher standard of academic rigor and problem-solving?