Sessions must be removed as Attorney General of the United States.  He openly lied to Congress many times at his confirmation hearing. These lies were televised and obvious to the American people.  He is responsible for acts and statements of racial bias, not limited to his investment in privatizing prisons and incarcerating persons of color.  He often acts against the majority will of the American people. Obvious examples are immigration, the rights of persons seeking asylum, marijuana ranking as a dangerous drug, and ignoring state’s rights. He mixes his personal religious interpretations of selective biblical information by merging church and state issues and his personal interpretations of Constitutional law.

His orders to punish those seeking asylum in America by removing and incarcerating their children is a form of human abuse and evil not seen since the horrors of Hitler and the NAZI crimes against humanity.

At this time, it is obvious the McConnel and Ryan and the GOP leadership will do nothing to correct the current direction of the Trump-led Republican Party. The removal of this very sick and incompetent president, irrespective of the damage he has done and is still planning to do to America, most likely depends of how the people vote in the 2018 mid-terms.

The other issue that seems to get little exposure is the damage the Roberts-led Republican (conservative) dominated Supreme Court has done to our political and governing systems.  It is common knowledge that corporations are not people. Continuing to give economic organizations that shield those who run them by removing the consequences of individual acts, more power than individual citizens is eating away at the Constitutional promises upon which the United States is based. The extremely damaging Dark Money rulings of the Supreme Court have nearly destroyed our electoral processes and the concept that one man, one vote is a necessary condition of democracy.

Recently, due to chicanery –  McConnell’s refusal to act on the nomination made by the President of the United States – and refusal to follow tradition and common sense – Gorsuch was jammed onto the Supreme Court. The opposition to this placement of a man who was not vetted and selected by a process long proven effective was limited because Gorsuch was politically in-line with Roberts and others. Had a person of different political and philosophical persuasion been thrust on the Court, he or she would not have been seated.

Supreme Court decisions, like selecting Bush over Gore, have resulted in terrible suffering. Thousands of American deaths and hundreds of thousands of innocents killed or maimed.  Trillions spend, not on infrastructure and education and quality of life issues, but on war and horror are directly the result of the Supreme Court selecting and siding with those who profit from human suffering. In case after case, the conservatives on the Court have sided with power and wealth and the oligarchy, and not the people. Of the three branches of government, the Republican Conservative controlled Judicial Branch has done the most damage to the American Dream and America’s reputation.

It may not seem possible, but at this time the only hope citizens have to overcome fascism, foreign control, bigotry and hate is an investigation by Muller and his team, and the outcome of the 2018 mid-term elections.  The effects of the Muller DOJ investigation are dimly known.  The fact that gerrymandering, Dark Money, and voter suppression are still raging through our democracy make it unclear if this destruction of American can be stopped. This may be the final gasp of The LAND OF THE BRAVE AND THE HOME OF THE FREE.

Those who choose not to act to remove creeps like Sessions and those placed to destroy our intuitions and agencies will be complicit is ending the American Dream.  Those who choose not to vote against those who are destroying our country, our public schools, and our political system will end the rule of law, equal justice, and freedom for us all.