Here we are again. The murders caused by the NRA-GOP-Gun manufacturers corruption have terrorized America for over a generation. Young people do not see adults working effectively to stop these crimes against humanity. In reality, those working to change our society, starting with the Columbine generation, have learned that they have no power, and in fact, that the forces of this evil have blocked their efforts. They have learned that the system is rigged and they can do nothing about it. Many see voting as ineffective and do not participate. After continued horror, the current generation of our young rise up and cry “ENOUGH.” “Never Again”.

Almost immediately, a large number of those in control attack the kids and their “Right” to force an end to weaponized murder. Bought politicians see no way to save themselves other than putting their energies into stopping these ‘young hoodlums.’ Those profiting from weapons manufacturing, having amassed great wealth and political control, are working to turn the tide of public opinion against our children. In this oligarchy, those few who pull the strings can decide that the children must be made into the enemies of the people. Thanks to them, we may once again become a nation that fears its children and grinds them into submission. I think not…not this time!!

In the late 60s I was a high school teacher.  The kids I taught, and their parents, knew a reality that exposed the raw and evil heart of our military-industrial complex. At that time, over 35,000 (in time, 58,000) young American males were dead in a ‘war’ that had no justification. Families were being ripped apart. If a young male couldn’t afford to stay in school, he was sent to SE Asia.  The draft, as it was called, was used to provide human fodder for the ‘war’ in Viet Nam.

Our children rose up and tried to protest. But there were few avenues for peaceful involvement. One had to be 21 to vote. The rights of women and the rights of people of color were denied or limited in many, if not most of the states. (Today little has changed). All over America our children tried to work within the system. They had lots of support, especially on college and university campuses. But their acts threatened those with the reigns of government and those who profited from war. In actions devised and led by then California Governor Ronald Reagan, America began an attack on our young. He invaded San Francisco State College, where students and professors were working peacefully to make the curriculum more effective. They were violently set-upon by police with dogs, barbed wire, gas, and brutality. Reagan took over the college and used force to end all discussion and all protests. Reagan’s ‘demonstration of power to end protest’ soon spread across the country with horrible consequences. In May 1970, it resulted in the murders by government forces of four unarmed college students (and the wounding of nine) at Kent State University. Students were protesting the illegal and immoral bombing of Cambodia by US military forces. How dare they!

Yes, the kids did get the voting age lowered to 18. Yes, the draft and the war ended. Yes, America went to an all voluntary military and the use of mercenaries to keep us at war.

America paid a terrible price – a price still paid today – as the “baby-boomer” generation was so demoralized and damaged that they withdrew from the system we call Representative Democracy which they had learned the hard way was corrupted. They protest by not engaging, not voting, not believing. They might have even voted for a con man that said he would Make America Great Again.

Will history repeat itself? Will the attacks on the students protesting a system devised by a few very evil and greedy people, and the manufacturing industries they represent, which results in the murders of thousands of Americans each year, escalate until the bought politicians are able to punish our children and escape responsibility like Reagan and his ilk did? Remember, those in control made Reagan president because he was such a strong leader.

Listen to our children. We must protect them from those whose only objective is to shut them up.  We must take seriously their concerns and the solutions that they see so clearly. We must clean the system of political garbage and stop the influence of money and corruption in our government so it can work for the people as was intended. Or,



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