All that befalls education today is caused by disconnected assumptions about unproven ideologies. Garbage thinking accepted as truth. Fact-adverse mentalities running their undisciplined stupidity as if they know what they are doing and where the rest of us need to go.

I no longer discount the dirty, ugly forces of greed that sacrifice the American Dream and the future of America for personal and corporate gain. I have a hard time accepting the fact that very evil people will steal from children. I once had the innocence to believe that all people were decent, that there was common good – and even empathy. That innocence is lost. What is happening to our schools is an attack from a deadly disease: Degenerative Cultural Lag.

We got this way because of the forces of half-knowledge released by flawed thinkers like Chubb and Moe, were promoted by outfits like the Brookings Institution rewarding extremists looking for personal power. These wrong conclusions have rotted into a nightmare of caustic marketplace ideologies and manufacturing practices wrongly applied to education. Dumb assumptions like assembly line education, school competition, school choice, and the war on teachers. They accept the awful idea that it is okay to experiment on other people’s children regardless of the damage done. Now, politicians subverted and owned by ALEC corporate greed and religious fanatics are moving to destroy the finest education system in the world and with it the American people. In state after state elected representatives are subverted by ALEC money and power.

America has never been in greater danger. Ask an experienced teacher to explain what is happening to kids in your schools. Ask Arne Duncan if he has read the 400+ letters recently submitted by educators to President Obama pleading for an end to this stupidity. Fight for kids and fact-driven progress. Education is about ending ignorance so an educated people do not lose their freedom. Make education work again.