Lack of professionalism and teachers who prostitute themselves on the altar of education have allowed soulless, amoral corporations to take over many of our public educational systems and access public education tax dollars. Subversive groups like ALEC, and profit-driven ‘educational’ corporations, use the failures of these ‘weak link educators’ to discount the entire profession and all American schools. They use teachers and our innocuous teachers associations, which are weak because they are fixed on the labor vs. management idea, not professional standards, as scapegoats to cover for their lies. In this way, they have succeeded in calling American public education a failure in need of corporate-run, for-profit, fixes.

All educators are vulnerable. We have allowed non-educational forces to create an educational system which removes children from interactive learning processes with the intent of inculcating them with facts they are supposed to master so they can apply them at some later date.  We have created educational approaches based upon the idiocy that more seat time, pressure, and harder tests are what make students learn. We have allowed industrial managers to profess educational expertise, and apply manufacturing and top-down coercive management techniques to the education of human beings.

If public education is to survive, it will because professionals, focused upon what is best for kids, organize so they can take charge of the profession, and educate the public. Where states are being taken over by subversive ideologues, teachers must identify the bought-politicians, expose them, and defeat them at the polls.  Organized, educators can stop the thieves that are killing public education and damaging America.

Take charge. Discuss these issues.  Read Vital Lies: The Irrelevance Of Our Schools In The Information Age. Download a copy from this blog page. It is a format for professional discussions.