How dare they call teachers dishonest when they fight for quality education!

Teacher all over the country are being forced to teach to limited, invalid tests meant to measure student, teacher and school proficiency. If these educators truly understand their responsibilities to each learner, they know that tests used to place, punish and placate are worthless.

Every teacher is forced to change instruction so students are not stigmatized by low test scores. Every teacher is forced to be dishonest when they teach for the test. Teachers are being professional when they place the interests of students first and protect their students, their jobs, and their schools from politically motivated, useless and destructive mandates.

Limited standardized tests allow politicians and administrators to justify actions and feel more in control through manipulated statistics.  If you are a governor or legislator selling out our public schools to corporations, for profit, not for kids, these tests have the sole purpose of discrediting teachers and public education.

Excerpt from Vital Lies: The Irrelevance Of Our Schools In The Information Age. Download a copy from this blog page.