The majority of Americans believe in a country where students can go to any public school in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, New York, Texas, Idaho, or… and receive a good interdisciplinary comprehensive education based on facts, content, and sound educational practices. Americans do not believe in education which is cult or religious-based indoctrination. Nor do Americans want schools driven by corporate mentalities trying to capture educational dollars for corporate profit.

In Almost every state powerful corporate  groups like ALEC have taken control of legislators and departments of education. They are gutting curriculum-based, fact-based education and giving control of education to cults, religious groups, and corporations. They are creating profit-driven programs they call schools, which are not schools at all. (For example, Virtual Schools). These creations are not for kids, they are for profits. They proffer ideologies that undermine the American Dream for thousands of students. Nor is there accountability. NCLB, testing, and other Bush-era nonsense, is part of their plan to discredit public schools and hand them over to religious extremists and corporations that have their eyes fixed on the $500 Billion we taxpayers pay each year to support education. These forces do not work to evolve schools that are not working well, they work to kill them and replace them with a chaos of unproven and partial plans. For these groups, discrediting teachers is the first step to taking over. They are succeeding.


I have book ready for download that focuses our discussions and helps identify the changes educators must make. The book is titled: Vital Lies: The Irrelevance Of Our Schools in the Information Age.  You can download it through this site.