The Roberts Court is dominated by men who have been corrupted by politics, power, religion and greed.

When the third branch of government was designed it was believed that an appointment for life, limited accountability, and an adequate salary would focus the Supreme Court justices on Constitutional issues and prevent judges from selling out to political and economic forces. Americans can no longer believe that.

It’s like a blow to the very foundations of my beliefs. It is the source of great sadness. It threatens the very roots of my upbringing with Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant beliefs. It negates the teachings that man is basically good.

As a teacher I taught about our American government. I based my understanding of the three branches of government on the Constitution, a foundation that allowed for the uncertainties of the House and Senate caused by human faults. I did not imagine or consider the corruption of the Supreme Court. I honestly believed, and taught, that the Supreme Court of the United States of America is based on the highest qualities of humanity, and that those appointed to the Supreme Court represent the best of us.

I was aware that the judicial branch of government had been corrupted by powerful minority factions in the past, but I did not believe it could happen again in our time.

Senator Whitehouse is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Courts Subcommittee. Here is an introductory quote which prefaced Whitehouse’s ongoing presentations of the 29 Schemes Practiced by the Roberts Court.

“March 6, 2024. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Courts Subcommittee, delivers the twenty-ninth in a series of speeches and articles titled ‘The Scheme’ exposing the machinations by right-wing donor interests to capture the Supreme Court and achieve through the Court what they cannot get through the elected branches of government. Senator Whitehouse details the findings of his latest law review article, entitled ‘Knights-Errant: The Roberts Court and Erroneous Fact-Finding’.

“Whitehouse’s article sheds light on the Court’s propensity for relying on extra-record – and often false – facts that lend advantage to Republican or corporate special interests. The article details bogus and uncorrected facts in Supreme Court decisions, explains their consequences in disrupting settled precedents, and explores actions the judicial and legislative branches could take to ensure the Court cleans up factual errors and kicks its fact-finding habit.”

Like me, I am sure you are confused by SCOTUS rulings giving corporations human rights, and allowing dark money to sidetrack our elections. Or rulings which take away human rights – especially women’s rights. Or changes in the voting rights act that limit Americans’ right to vote. At the present time all of us are wondering why the Supreme Court sided with Trump and put off ruling on a president’s right to do anything he wants, including assassinating members of the Supreme Court who might rule against him. They are considering the idea of giving him the divine rights of Kings. Chief Justice Roberts says they need time to think it over. They need months to decide. This delay effectively stops criminal cases that might get to court before the election. This is a political move in support of a political candidate. This is not within the purview of the Supreme Court, but they are not being held accountable.

For more information access YouTube. Search for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. You will find all of his reports. Find this information at: Scheme #29.