First and foremost, a “woke” populus scares the stuffing out of grifter politicians. Imagine trying to convince people to ignore facts and buy a skewed version of truth? Our last president lied to the American people over 30,000 times. Unfortunately, his ongoing popularity also proves that for a sizable number of people, lying does not matter. A number of politicians have followed his lead. They are not what the rest of us would call “woke”. They are forming a firm base for authoritarianism and a fascist government. To the power-hungry politicians, being educated and seeking facts undermines them.

Why is woke thinking so threatening? Consider the danger to our belief systems if people base their decisions on information that is contrary to what has been inculcated by those seeking to control human beings. Slavery is a poignant example. Now that the nature and extent of knowledge can be available simply by asking a machine for information, humans can make decisions based on multiple sources of information that counter existing assumptions and false narratives.

The danger of a woke populace is that some might ask questions that those in power do not want answered. For example: Is God male or female? The answer might change the way our religions and, yes, even our politics, operate. Human men have created God in their own image. To men, God is a man. Few recent civilizations have created God in a woman’s image, but many ancient cultures did. Just because men created God as a man does not mean that God is male or belongs to either sex. Consider that God is neither male nor female. Being woke really screws things up for a lot of people inculcated with male dominant philosophies.

Or, try to imagine a politician or any type of leader who buys into the lie that all those who lived before the invention of Christianity cannot experience the afterlife known as heaven unless they adhere to special beliefs. Tens of thousands of years of human history and all the lives and accomplishments that came before, can be ignored, because the God men created in our own image will either send them to hell or to a halfway-to-heaven existence where they must accept man’s current interpretation of God’s will.

Or, what if educated “woke” people thought deeply about the American Dream which has evolved for about 240 years. The United States of America, a constitutional republic, is still being formed as new states and amendments are added and new interpretations of the law and historical intent are applied. This amazing story is the story of a literate “woke” society that recorded almost every twist and turn of its development.

Prior to the Council of Nicaea which took place over 324 years after a Jewish man was born, three centuries of human history were adopted with few primary sources and almost no records except those preserved by, chosen by, and created by men who they claimed were divinely inspired by the top male in the hierarchy. Centuries later men had the audacity to reset the chronology of world history to Before Christ (BC) and Anno Domini (AD).

Obviously grifter politicians and religious leaders must stop all forms of what they call “woke” thinking and create a level of ignorance that allows them to put in place authoritarian systems that tell people what to believe without question.

“Woke” thinking is dangerous? You bet! It exposes grifter politicians, authoritarians, and fascists.