The Federal Reserve’s policies of raising interest rates to slow down the economy increases the cost of goods and services including food, clothing, shelter, and jobs. Middle-class Americans and the poor are already desperately struggling to survive in our economic system. Higher interest rates have added to escalating rates of child poverty, hunger, the destruction of family units, futility disease, and fueling anger against a system designed so they cannot win. This is insanity. They are not the cause of inflation but they are being punished by the Reserve’s policies.

We consumers know that inflation is not caused by people struggling to feed their families, or trying to buy a home, dependable transportation, or receive effective medical services. Those in control of the Federal Reserve know this, but they are unwilling to go after powerful corporations used by humans who hide behind corporate veils and serve only themselves and their stockholders. Remember, at this time in history the United States Supreme Court has ruled that corporations have human rights, even though every corporation—words on paper—is owned, controlled, and operated by those who have absolute power over all decisions. They scrape profits into their pockets, while being shielded from accountability.

For example, the inflation which results in high costs of medical services starts at the top of the corporate level. Those in control of the corporation line their pockets with obscene amounts of money that should be going to care for those in need. Let’s take a look at significant causes of medical inflation. Here is only one example: United Healthcare. The CEO is paid more than $22 million a year, every year. His job is important, but could easily be filled by someone of equal competence making a million dollars each year. Other members of the administrative team account for tens of millions of dollars every year. This is but one example of those the Federal Reserve will not control to curb inflation. Instead, every time inflation raises its ugly head, the Whack-A-Mole policies of the Federal Reserve System pound the daylights out of those least responsible for inflation. They should wither in shame, but the fact is they are not powerful enough to go after the true cause of inflation—corporate greed—so they whack and beat down those who cannot defend themselves.