Who could possibly oppose universal healthcare?  Universal health insurance makes sense (Medicare for all). Every other citizen-centered society has universal health care. The USA does not. Why?

Follow the money: Who profits from stopping citizens from having adequate, affordable medical coverage?

Let’s look at the compensation of people who have almost unlimited money to spend protecting their interests at the expense of the public. This is not Capitalism, this is legalized theft.

These are the yearly salaries paid to the CEOs of the major drug companies. Starting with those who run companies that provide pharmaceuticals: Remember that these are salaries paid each year to the top dogs. The figures do not reflect the tier of administrators that also receive massive salaries. (These are multi-million dollar-a-year salaries including stock options.)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals                          $117,840,017.00   

Merc                                                                         48,815,014.00

Pfizer                                                                       47,042,550.00

Johnson & Johnson                                               46,428,340.00

Abbott Laboratories                                               31,646,904.00

Agios Pharmaceuticals                                            30,958,452.00

Now let’s look at the CEOs compensation of Medical insurance providers:

The CEOs of UnitedHealthcare, CVC, Anthem, Centene, Cigna, Humana, Molina Healthcare, and WellCare Health Plans collectively earned $143,504,848.00 dollars a year (2018).  Of course, this cost to the public does not include other administrative expenses or other costs deducted before medical care for individuals is provided.  The companies are so profitable that money is expensed to every rat hole the companies can create, and still their profits are obscene.

Source Axios.  Health care CEOs took home $2.6 Billion dollars in 2018. Total does not reflect the cost of other administrators and employees that add to prices for citizens.  In a government-managed program, these costs would be cut by billions of dollars each year.

So, friends, the question you have asked about who will pay for Universal Healthcare is easily answered. A recent Yale study shows that Universal Healthcare will save America over $450,000,000,000.00 dollars a year, and save over 68,000 lives.

Of course, a few powerful people who have been gaming the system and making millions of dollars each year will use their money to buy politicians and the corporate Press to continue this.

They scream that this is socialism. No, this is not capitalism or socialism. This is the rape of those who need affordable healthcare and healthcare security.

One candidate for the presidency supports everyone’s right to have adequate, affordable healthcare.

Now do you understand why a majority of Americans support him?



  1. You haven’t posted in over a year, so I’m not sure if you’ll see this – but I was glad to come across your website I was a student in one of your history classes at Cherry Creek East in 1969 Enjoyed reading Human Competence, as well as looking up many of the people and resources you referred to – it really had a ripple effect.

    Thank you, Elyce

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