Hey irate fellow citizens. Have you listened to the majority of those who voted for Trump? Not the crazies or the religious fanatics, but the great majority of Trump voters. They are not evil, immoral, ignorant people. They did not vote for Trump because he abuses women, is a business failure, is a hate-filled creep and a narcissistic animal.  No, the majority do not like him, believe in him, or want America tarnished by his lies and fascism.

They voted for the only candidate that ran on a platform that they believed addressed their pain.  Almost all admit that Trump has hurt them and helped strengthen the power of the oligarchs and their minions.

Only a few kooks thought the comic book character could win. The Trump vote was a cry for attention, for help that those in power (still in power) refuse to hear. The democratic candidate turned a deaf ear to the people. The Democrats ignored and would not hear the voice of the majority and they played power politics with the oligarchs. The popular contender was denied his chance to represent the people. That frustration and anger fed by the lack of distinction between our political parties created this most disgraceful period in American history. It also gave our enemies the opportunity to weaken America.

Yes, those crying for representation were lied to and hornswoggled. Yes, they had dreams that were stolen. Yes, they want a way out.  But think about it. Who in the power structure of the Democratic Party of 2018 is addressing survival issues that mean life or slavery for a majority of American citizens?

Good citizens suffer because a small group of oligarchs and the politicians they own raid America and destroy our future. So, who are the political heroes that oppose the oligarchs? Maybe you can name three or four? More?

There are candidates who speak for most Americans. The major one, Sanders, rose to prominence on a public tidal wave of honesty, hope and dreams. But due to the “system,” he was blocked from representing the majority who supported him. He was blocked by both parties working together to maintain the power of the oligarchs. He was blocked by those who would not hear that cry for help. Blocked by those who had no plan for American citizens who begged for infrastructure work, and productive good paying jobs where they could be a part of the American dream and make the dream work for them. There are decent candidates that we can get behind and support, but we are divided.

Too many good people denigrate those who tried to find a voice in the political process. We are intentionally misled when our anger and frustration is directed against them. The game is called “Let’s you and him fight.” If we fight our fellow Americans who also want to keep America great, our focus and energies are directed away from the oligarchs and the politicians they own. Their plan to continue sapping America’s wealth and future is winning.

If you have read Jane Mayer’s book, DARK MONEY: The Hidden History Of The Billionaires Behind The Rise Of The Radical Right, you are aware that the Koch Bothers and others have fixed the 2018 primaries in almost every state, and thereby the November elections. They made it financially impossible for any candidate other than their own to run. There is a flaw in their treasonous plan. They have no way of stopping a people united together who vote out party incumbents that dance for the billionaire’s dollars. We know who they are (look at the list of politicians who voted for the 2017 Tax Bill) and we can remove them. The Koch menace has no way of winning if a united people vote for the candidates that represent the people and not the oligarchs, even if we have to write in our candidate’s name.

It is time to heal and to work together to take back our Country.  Here are a few excerpts from Open Up Your Heart written by Jo Berger for the Women’s March on Washington:

“I don’t have to be right, you don’t have to be wrong.

We can all believe, we can all belong….


Open up your heart, let a stranger in

That’s the best place to begin…


Reach out your hand to someone new

Reach out your hand, it’s the best thing to do…“