For many years, I have blogged about the damage the so-called reform/Libertarian movement has done to America and to America as One Nation. A nation that prospered as WE developed strong communities, one public education system, common values, and true representative government.

Our Nation is endangered by the starvation and planned destruction of neighborhood community schools – public comprehensive schools – and the privatization of public services for profit.

We are now well aware that there are forces that wish to destroy the basic elements that keep America strong: The representative processes, the public schools, community governments, community health systems, public services, and programs for the greater good. Because of greed and crooked ideologies, our public services have been privatized, pirated, and raided by profiteers. This has been done to access, and personally profit from the tax dollars we pay for the things best done when we put our resources together through government. Think roads, water systems, schools, public utilities, libraries, social services, aid to those in need, and safety nets for children and those who cannot help themselves…

Every social program is being attacked and is in danger of being starved out of existence as tax dollars are redirected and profiteers steal from us – the US.

The economic system called “capitalism” has been misused. Childhood poverty and human suffering are increasing at a disturbing rate. More and more human dignity is lost as the failed economic system is perverted to serve only a very few. The American Dream is now beyond the reach of a majority of citizens. Too many children come to school hungry. Many come from broken homes and homes taken by those who have manipulated the system for their own profit. Yet the “reformers” withhold and redirect our tax dollars so our communities and schools cannot help. The America killers then use the travail they caused to claim that American the experience has failed, and that representative democracy must be replaced by totalitarian forms of control. In example, they say that they have the right to set up publicly supported privatized schools and programs, many without certified teachers or complete curricula, so that they can personally profit. Every tax dollar they steal is of no value to our children or our society.

Americans were so unprepared for this attack from those who bought our politicians, circumvented our representative governments, and made their own laws, that they wilted before the onslaught of greed. In every American community, and in the communities within the greater communities, there is little resistance to the reformers. In state after state radical right-wing ‘libertarians’ have taken control of government. Groups of people hiding behind corporate veils so they are exempt from accountability for their amoral behavior, invented groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) who use their power and wealth to by-pass elected representatives by providing the bills and laws they, not The People, want enacted. Along with the darkness created by these nation killers, came the Dark Money to finance the destruction of America and to create a new type of human bondage.

But of course you know all of this. What you need to know is that within the hearts of our communities people are organizing against the forces that have proved to be so evil. In almost every community, the majority of citizens are demanding a stop to the rape and pillage and the constant quest for access and control of our tax dollars. People are becoming aware that our public schools and other institutions have lost access to the funds necessary to do the jobs that must be done if we are to stay free and flourish. We are aware that legislatures and other political organs have intentionally forced school choice and other catchy “experiments” on communities, even though these programs cause a massive waste of our tax money for duplication of services. At the same time, “reformers” discredit education and educated members of the community. They weaken, breed contempt for, and undermine proven and successful social programs.

Community leaders are focusing on electing true representatives who will oppose those who starve community programs in order to profit from their demise. They are demanding accountability from their elected leaders and legislators who have intentionally blocked the public’s access to data that exposes their misuse of tax dollars and the corruption on which they thrive. In some instances, the local Press has broken from the Corporate Press and is fighting to educate their communities.

Political affiliation – be it Democrat, Republican, Independent, or other – is not a factor as we are brought together to save our communities. We become one when we fight for the survival of the things we hold dear. The Save Our Community movement is spreading. Even the darkest ideology, with all of the money amassed to destroy America, cannot win against We The People. It is not too late, but it will take a concerted effort to remove those who act to destroy what makes us great.


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  1. Give ’em Hell, Ed! We have to keep pounding away until people realize they are being robbed of a decent future for their kids as well as being robbed of their tax receipts right now!

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