Libertarians now working to control legislatures and governments find these words offensive:


These words are the basis of our government. The government that has brought people together to build America. America does not exist to support those who feel that it is their right to profit from or destroy collective efforts like public schools, environmental protections, and laws designed to stop those who believe that they can rape, rip, and run over others. Libertarians want to change government so that they (now too often hiding in corporate forms) have ownership of natural resources for personal gain. They claim the right to own the snow, rain, water, and food production. They have gained control of oil and minerals. They want public lands so they can exploit them.

Libertarians claim the right to extract profit from those who pay their taxes to support social programs. To them, the General Fund is their cash cow. They want a country where they have the right to take advantage of everything regardless of the cost to America and the planet.

We The People come together in communities to pool our resources for the public good. We sacrifice a little to gain a lot as we work together. For example, communities within states organize and create schools. We tax ourselves to build the buildings, and hire the educators. We provide the materials and equipment necessary for the education of Americans. Libertarians have gained power and they want to profit from our collective efforts and take a chunk of our tax dollars, and our community property, for themselves. They are the pirates of our time, raiding the coffers of communities and states.

What Libertarians call their “individual rights,” is based on the enslavement and exploitation of the majority. To sap the public purse, they restrict or wholly dissolve social institutions. They are actively destroying public schools and an educated populous. They work against elected boards and the democratic process wherever the will of the people is contrary to their goals.

In America today, a battle is raging to save our society from those who claim they have free access with no restrictions. This destructive war has been fueled by several justices on the Supreme Court who do not support the We The People intent of the Constitution, or the rights of the American people.

Corporations are allowed to be used as veils for monsters, eating away at the American Promise; The American Dream. Your future and mine is hanging by a thread.

Arizona is an example of a Libertarian run enterprise. The takeover of the State of AZ began when men like Fred Koch, followed by two of his sons, bought Arizona politics for their personal gain. They bonded with the Goldwater Institute, dedicated to Libertarian (conservative) forces that work through corporations and think tanks, not-for-profit foundations, and public charities…

At no time do they consider or represent the will of the majority of the citizens of Arizona unless they can profit from it. The present Governor of Arizona and many in the Legislature are Libertarian-orientated thinkers who are running an enterprise that does not reflect the majority will. Arizona is a financial enterprise serving the few. It is not run to serve its citizens.

As the Koch (and other) money flowed into political coffers, changes were made to our laws and to Government agencies like the IRS. Supreme Court Justices were bought, and corporations were given more rights than citizens. The Libertarian monsters formed the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to write corporate friendly legislation that their minions, who they placed in elected positions within states, would introduce and pass as laws.

Libertarians foul their own nest. There is a direct path from the Koch-John Birch Society-ALEC, Goldwater Institute, and their many think tanks and foundations leading to the destruction of the Republican Party. The trail leads to the rise of Republican candidates without qualifications. It leads to the planned and intentional re-segregation of America, the destruction of public schools, the privatization of prisons, privatization of hospitals and medicine, the power of medical insurance companies, the rates charged by drug companies, and the protection of criminals who run Wall Street.

All of these destructive moves are a direct result of GREED – greed unchecked.

The pirate’s creed: If you can amass enough money to buy political power, write laws favorable to you, undermine communities, and avoid paying taxes, you can destroy the intent of the US Constitution which states: WE THE PEOPLE…