What I am hearing:

Tell us what you do. Don’t assume that we know.  Each teacher has an obligation to explain to parents and the community what it is they do and why they do it.

We want public schools with complete curriculum and all extracurricular activities.

Keep evolving the public schools and curriculum away from the old production line models developed for a factory system.      

Observe MY child and make certain that her education is developmentally appropriate. Don’t hold her in a box (classroom) because of her age.     

 Adjust the programs for girls and for boys – chronical age sorting  is damaging. Make provisions for boy’s and girl’s developmental needs. They do not have the same needs at the same time.      

Reorganize the education progression so that kids can move through it at their own speed. Grade levels are only useful for sorting curricula materials.     

Teachers who “teach classes” are indicators of the need for professional growth. Teachers must be trained and allowed to observe and teach individuals, not classes held in boxes.       

Do not (never) use tests to teach. Never use tests as punishment or a means for justifying punitive actions against students or educators. Use tests to measure what is taught.      

Do not cut curriculum programs and services that support and educate the whole child.  Improve art, music, theater, and programs that are important for the healthy growth and motivation of children.    

If parents do not participate in the education programs, consider classes for parents and directions from each teacher for how to help your child.  Provide mentoring support for children whose parents do not help.     

What is needed in the early grades, what works, is love, nurturing, the introduction of fundamentals, and healthy play. 

What is needed in the upper grades, what works, is love, nurturing, the mastery of fundamentals, and healthy play. 

Also identified: Transportation, food service, field trips, counselors, library services, nurse and health services, computer labs and i-pads, AP classes, recess, intramural sports programs.

Force and punishment take the joy out of learning and block human development.


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