Why us? Why attack education? Why hurt kids and deprive them of the tools they need to be productive citizens? Why attack educators and those who work to make America better? Why work to destroy a profession? Why split and destroy communities? Why hurt families? Why support corporations that force testing and curricula on states – for profit, not for kids?

Due to our lack of information we parents, educators, and believers in humanity, too often think we stand alone against those who bring pain and chaos. We don’t know how to react to the negative and destructive forces that jump out at us and attack the tenets we hold dear. We assume we are alone and losing a war we did not start.

We do not suffer alone. We are not alone. We must look beyond our immediate threats and see that American’s system of human dignity and worth is under attack. We are threatened by a destructive movement that has always been lying in wait, but is now savagely at our throats. Americans slowed and sometimes stopped this terrible force in the first half of the twentieth-century. It has gained power again because we naively believe we are protected from a oligarchical system that creates human bondage.

What must be preserved is the American experiment. We must ensure that the rights of each one of us are guaranteed. By protecting and guaranteeing each individual’s rights, we protect everyone. This means 1/340,000,000. Not 340,000,000/1. For educators and parents that means re-establishing the rights of each child. The evil at our door never considers or accounts for the damages to individual children. Their system is designed to make them masters of the masses and end individual rights.

There is a word that has risen to powerful meaning. It is PRIVATIZE. In essence, it means that a few gain access to the taxes they levy on the people. By gaining power to govern, they – not our elected representatives – make decisions which are self-serving. ALEC is such a tool. The Koch Brothers use wealth to force their will. Foundations and other organizations are too often used to focus destructive energy and kill the American Dream.

A Representative Democracy Of, By, and For The People is in the way of those who are fighting to reestablish a type of feudalism (oligarchy, fascism) which allows them to control all resources and own the lives of everyone.

These few self-appointed monsters work by privatizing the functions of government that serve the people – i.e., public education, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care, environmental protection, scientific research – in fact, all of the services WE provide via OUR government to ensure that every individual is free and not enslaved. To ensure that every one has an equal chance. By skewing our US Constitution and our state constitutions they are expanding their power to use their wealth to appoint minions who work against Democracy. They have changed our laws and created ways to manipulate our elections. They have the power to use the primary elections to determine who can run and thus who we can vote for.

The few who intend to rule us all, work to destroy representation via associations. They have created partial schools and forced the deletion of comprehensive curricula which they do not want taught. They have the power to create tests that dictate what is taught. They have booted elected school boards and replaced them with those who do not represent the people or children. They have sapped state budgets and severely damaged our country. Destroying an educated populous is key to their takeover. They are attacking and destroying every system that makes us free – that keeps us free.

America is at war with a small group of self-professed Czars, and Lords, dictators and tyrants who want to bring back human servitude. A very few political leaders stand in their way and are strong enough to unite us against the pirates. Only a citizen’s political revolution will stop them.

The 2016 election may determine whether America, the Home of the Brave and the Land of The Free survives. Parents and educators must be on the front lines fighting for America.

WHY? You know why this is happening. Now, the challenge is what YOU will do to stop it?