The super rich are more privileged than the rest of us as they do not have to have their ideologies examined by the people. They do not have to be elected before they force changes. If they believe that our public schools should be destroyed, they destroy them. If they believe that educated and certified teachers should be humiliated and removed, they remove them. If they want tests that control what is taught, they force them on us. If they want to stop workers from organizing, they destroy unions. If they believe that America should not be united as One Nation by our school systems, they destroy our cohesive society and create a form of feudalism and economic slavery. The American corporate system gives them the opportunity to hide behind corporate veils and use tax-exempt cash to promote their ideas of what America should be.

What if the Waltons, and the Gates, and the Broads, and the Bezos’s, and the Kochs, and the dozens of other “owners” of Foundations that by-pass or buy elected representatives so that they can force the changes they want, were held libel for the damages they do? How much is the education and future of a single child deprived of a community school, good teachers, and a fact-based, comprehensive education worth? $400,000? More? Now multiply that by the hundreds of thousands of children who are damaged by the crazy fact-adverse ideologies of Eli Broad, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, The Waltons, The Kochs, and…  With their great wealth threatened they would know there are consequences for their actions and that  they will pay for damages.

Right now, they can do whatever they like even if it subverts Democracy and destroys our nation. Right now, they are raving and ruling full-force with no accountability.