At this time in our history, We The People have lost rights we assumed we have:

1)      The right to a fact-based secular education in publicaly supported schools with elected boards and elected representatives who wisely enforce policy and distribute tax dollars;

2)       The right to vote for candidates of our choosing, not those selected by a few who use their wealth to buy and sell politicians;

3)       The right to organize into representative organizations to counter the feudal nature of the free enterprise system;

4)       The many rights guaranteed by the Constitution, but interpreted and limited by feudal mentalities using great wealth to get around Constitutional guarantees.

Now you understand what drives the would-be Feudal Lords like the Koch Brothers, and what corrupts the Walton Heirs, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Eli Broad, Michael Bloomberg, Jeb Bush, Pearson, and many others. They call it Free Enterprise. Humanity has suffered that nightmare before. It is the opposite of freedom.

The Feudal Lord position in society destroys the hopes and dreams of everyone under them. The Lords have no accountability. They have free reign over their workers. At one time in Scotland, as just one example, they forced workers off the land, out of their homes, and put many on ships to be sold as indentured servants in other lands. In almost every country where this feudal – free enterprise system – operates, poverty and suffering are the lot of the people.

The American Dream became possible when the free enterprise system was limited by government oversight and laws. This new system limited the power over others that a few, due to longevity, heredity, or the amassing of wealth, used  to decide how you live, where you live, how and who you are enslaved by, and every other aspect of your life, including access to medical care, unemployment benefits, and retirement security.

Our system evolved to allow workers to organize against the economically powerful and to benefit from the fruits of our labor. People came to America to be free of feudal lords and masters, and unregulated free enterprise systems. Sadly, that has changed as the Feudal system has been re-established here in the Land Of The Free.

Unfortunately, the rich and powerful are re-taking their feudal powers by using corporate “persons who never die” to hide behind. Their power has allowed them to amass the nation’s wealth by sapping the American people. They have, in effect, established a fourth branch of government that only serves them, not America. That forth branch of government has never been more obvious than now as we observe the GOP under the control of the wealthy. The feudal power influences SCOTUS and the other branches of government. They are directly responsible for austerity programs, for the rise in poverty, and the decay of our nation’s infrastructure. They are destroying public education to gain access to the taxes we pay. They are gaining control of the prisons. They are accessing private information about children that can and will be used against them (InBloom). They do this under the banner of free enterprise.  A few describe themselves as Libertarians.

Their dream is to re-establish Feudalism. They think of themselves as Lords, recognized and empowered by God. They have almost succeeded.


2 responses to “The Free Enterprise System Of Slavery”

  1. I just learned of your blog from Diane Ravitch today! Wonderful!! I always thought one of the problems with U.S. capitalism was that we never did really experience Feudalism, hence the Lords never really cared for their vassals and created an even more vicious form of capitalism than heretofore exited.

    Thank you for your writing!!

  2. Eddie Diaz

    I have been working against the banking industry now for the past 5 years and have seen our rights being trampled by our government and by the banks, a few years ago we where able to help people who were losing there home to foreclosure or needed to negotiate a payment plan with the creditors, we where able to help over 90% of our clients keep there home and pay down there dept, now because of a few crooks, we are no longer allowed to charge for our services, when I studied what happened the FTC had a few hundred complaints and less then 50 companies under investigation, so they put a band on all companies offering this service, yet we have millions of people being raped by the banks every year and they are asked to go it alone or to use assistance that is being funded by the banks that only has a 17% success rate as apposed to our 90% or better. who wins?

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