When the few are able to amass the wealth of the many, freedom ends and totalitarianism begins. Maybe it is a universal law? In every human organizational structure, be it religious or political, a few are able to create ways of amassing the wealth. These few then determine how it will be distributed, if at all, to the masses. Call this the iron law of cultural destruction. It explains the reign of kings, and the natural course of human avarice and power-seeking. There is no question that it is the way humans work, and why good governments are created to level the field.

America existed for a time when wealth could be generated and held by the people. Robber barons and other economic accumulators rose and fell, but they were barely able to deprive the “humbled masses” of the fruits of their labor. Thus, the creativity and ingenuity of the people was rewarded, and America became the “American Dream,” where many could earn, benefit from, and hold wealth.

In what may be the natural order of things, those with power and amassed wealth devised a thing called a Corporation. Hiding behind corporate veils, they were able to invent ways of extruding wealth from the American people. They created corporate mechanisms that have the power to change government ‘by and for the people’, into ‘government by and for the few’. These corporate front organizations ate each other, merged, gained access to our courts, legislatures, and financial institutions passing laws and making decisions that have almost destroyed the creativity and hope that created the wealth.

A few “kings” now control America’s financial and natural resources. They are forcing America’s downfall. The current majority on our Supreme Court is vested in this Corpocracy. The GOP and many Democratic leaders have become puppets working against the people they claim to serve. Many do this, I must assume, because they haven’t figured out what happened to the America that unleashed individual creativity and made this country great.

The Billionaires are now destroying public schools and a national education system that has its faults, needs to evolve, but is the best the world has ever known. They are destroying every representational and electoral system that allows citizens (workers) to organize and have a say in how they work and are compensated. They are enhancing top-down coercive management systems that allow a few to control the many. If you have doubts about this, use Google to access information about any members of the Billionaires Club. Start with ALEC and Koch. Study foreigners Murdoch and Pearson. Look judgmentally at Gates, Eli Broad, the Waltons, and… They are few, and they are weakening the heart of America.

There is a solution. End the ills of the corporation. Redistribute wealth by closing loopholes for the ‘kings’ and fairly taxing all Americans. In essence, redistribute wealth; the people’s reward for work and creativity.