Tragedy and the Arming of Evil by Legal Device

Is the NRA responsible for the Connecticut massacre and tens of thousands of gun-related deaths in America each year? Can a corporation be responsible for this continued onslaught?

The reality is that evil people hide behind the legal veils of corporations to do socially destructive things. They hurt the rest of us and get off scott-free.

Creating a major gun culture in America has raised a horror that no other civilized nation experiences. The poorly-educated and paranoid-extremists succumb to the constant fear-mongering that comes from corporations that represent gun manufacturers. They release a relentless barrage of dis-information filled with messages of fear about losing their rights. This is an intentional misinterpretation of the 2nd amendment to our Constitution. This has very little to do with guns for hunting, sport or self-protection, because these rights are not the issue.

The corporate front is used to spread the idea that government is trying to subjugate us and take away our rights, therefore we must arm ourselves for a coming war against minorities and Washington. Of the over 4 million members of the NRA, only a handful are dumb enough to believe this, but their dues are used to enrich the leadership and excite the paranoid, not to protect our rights as stated.

The corporations are used to disseminate their propaganda based on racism, paranoia, and invented plots against freedom. Read or listen to the NRA messages and know that they come from some very sociopathic and power-hungry individuals who have grown wealthy by pulling the strings, but who are not held liable for their deeds. Those guilty of this insanity are the manipulators behind the veils – the managers and especially the boards of directors – who make this happen, along with financially motivated gun manufacturers who have made billions from the paranoia their front organization – the NRA – has created.

The misdirected on the Supreme Court of the United States have helped create and shelter the Corpocracy that is dominating America. This allows the amassing of wealth and power in the hands of totally self-serving individuals who are destroying the American Dream for so many, but can not be held legally responsible.

Logically, guns do not kill people. Neither do bombs, poisons, or knives. People who are mentally deranged kill others with weapons at hand. The gun lobby and NRA leaders make certain crazies can easily access weapons that have no place in hunting, sport or self-defense to carry-out insane acts. To allow them to profit in this way at the expense of society is obscene.

The laws of our country must hold individuals responsible for their acts. If they are guilty, fine corporations and put their managers and boards of directors in prison. End the use of corporations to abuse the America people. In this case, the gravity of the evil they have done cannot be discounted. It is evident.

Remember, corporations don’t kill people, people do.