Dear creators of literary works,

Hi, welcome, I am an author with ten published books. You can buy them through or even AuthorHouse.  Don’tPlease don’t!  When they sell the fruits of my labor, my creativity, my years of research, editing, formatting, and paying front-end publishing costs, they get more than 95% of the sale price. They have nothing invested. They have a system set-up to suck the blood out of writers. Authors get screwed out of a fair return for their work. Now you know why I joined with other authors and helped create Millennial Books and EauthorNet. It had to happen. Authors must have a way to benefit from their creative labors.

Millennial Books will officially came to life in March , 2012. Millennial Books and the site dedicated to authors, eauthornet, rise out of years of frustration with publishing houses, and marketing programs. They seek to become the answer for all authors who have received pittance while others profit from their creative labor. The burden of all those riding our coattails and taking the profits from our work, has created levels of frustration and anger that authors can now bypass.

Imagine, you create your literary masterpiece. You social network it and get help from other authors spreading the word about your work. When your book sells, you get 50% (half) of net profit. You do not buy marketing packages. You do not spend money on marketing. Your time – the months or years you spent writing your book – is your investment. Add to that the opportunity to sell your book through social networks – 21st Century word-of-mouth – and you will see the fruits of your labor.

If you own your copyright and have not entered into a contract with a company to sell your books exclusively, give Millennial Books / a try. They will work with you to get your book ready for buyers to download. If it is not available in an Adobe PDF or MS Word format, they can help advise you on what you need to do. Remember, they are fellow authors and writers joining together to help each other.

This new service will be active and ready for you to peruse in early March 2012, at